Comme Des Garcons Play - Womens Play CDG Gold Heart Cardigan - Grey - 1

Kardigan Hati Emas CDG Play Putri (Abu-abu)


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BERMAIN Comme des Garcons
Kardigan Hati Emas CDG Play Putri (Abu-abu)

Rajutan di Jepang, kardigan wol murni dari Permainan Comme des Garcons is branded with a golden version of the label's loved-up heart mascot. Styled with round neckline, it's secured with pearlescent buttons and completed with ribbed knits at the cuffs and hem.

  • 100% Domba Wol
  • Abu-abu
  • Slim fit
  • Lengan panjang
  • Leher bulat
  • Gaya: N049

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